Platinum Vehicle Imports Only Deal With Industry Leaders Who Have Been Using The Australian Governments Preferred Method of RHD Conversions.

(We do not use the Cross Shaft method)
Cross Shaft Conversions VS A Full RHD Conversion? 
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Platinum Vehicle Imports

Have partnered with Performax International to complete all our LHD To RHD conversions.

Performax have been in the RHD conversion business since 1989, Performax International uses the Australian Governments preferred method of RHD conversions and are the largest independent converter of left to right hand drive vehicles.

Performax uses the highest technical standards, with industry-first technology such as 3D prototyping to ensure factory-original standards of fit, finish and drivability.



Upon entering the Performax Factory your vehicle will undergo a complete transformation; it will be stripped back to almost a bare shell and then reassembled using the finest materials and workmanship.

The conversion process involves:


A full strip down of the body and steering components.

Modifications to the firewall to allow fitment of the brake booster/steering column and pedals to the right hand side.

A brand new moulded right hand drive dashboard, a new wiper cowl to allow the wipers to sweep to the right, and a new windscreen where required.

Modifications made to the wiring harnesses, air-conditioning and heating to work for RHD including dual zone where fitted, and all new ducting where necessary to allow correct airflow.

​​Head up display (where fitted) trip computers.


Power window switches, power seats, memories, lumbar and mirrors changed to function correctly.


Changes to taillights, reflectors, indicators and headlights where necessary, airbags and safety devices set up to function correctly, new tyres fitted where required, and many more items to retain the factory original look.




In addition to the manufacturing work, there is the engineering element.  Everything fitted to your vehicle has been factory produced to fit and function correctly, nothing is hand made. 

Our dedicated team of professionals take care of all the Government compliance approvals, and necessary paperwork to enable the vehicle to be prepared for registration in any State of Australia *

Before Conversion

Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Shaker before conversion

After Conversion

Dodge Challenger Hellcat after Conversion

Cross Shaft Conversions VS A Full RHD Conversion? 

Here are several reasons why you shouldn't consider a cross shaft conversion.

1:     Cross shaft conversions are a cheaper alternative to a full RHD conversion, however companies using the cross shaft method are still charging the same price as a full RHD conversion.


2:     Cross shaft conversions is a prehistoric way of converting a vehicle from left to right hand drive and was primarily used for postal vehicles only - not passenger vehicles.


3:     According to the  Australian Government;

Cross shaft conversions have not been crash or impact tested, therefore are not considered safe or a preferred method of right hand drive conversion for passenger vehicles! 


4:     A cross shaft conversion will seriously hinder your vehicles resale value when it comes time to selling, this could result in the loss of at least half the value of your vehicle.

Here are several reasons why you should consider the Australian Governments preferred method of RHD conversion. 

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